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50 Ideas to Increase Store Sales

It's a busy retail world out there - every competitor wishes they had more customers. Actually, they wish they had YOUR customers. Keep competitors at bay and thrill your customers with these easy-toimplement customer-pleasing, traffic-building, salesincreasing ideas!
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Clandestine Retailing: Creating New Customers

Would you like to increase your new customer count and foot traffic this year? Who wouldn't? Every retailer enjoys seeing new faces roaming the store aisles, looking at old product with fresh eyes, and exclamations like, "I need this and this and this!" are music to retailers' ears. This magic happens in stores across the country everyday, but it doesn't happen by accident.
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Don't Play the Recession Game

We read recently that the retail industry in the United States represents a whopping $4 trillion dollars. Now, let's think this through. Yes, business can be hard at times, but even if the retail industry took a devastating $1 trillion dollar hit, there would still be $3 trillion dollars worth of business being done. Stake your claim to those dollars by adopting a power approach to growing your business. Let everyone else cry recession - you can't shrink your way to greatness!
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Going Out For Business

So, how are you doing these days? Things sure seem to be a lot tougher at retail this year than they were last year. According to Michael Niemira, chief economist with the International Council of Shopping Centers, personal income and personal consumption have been moving in lockstep over the past few months.
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How To Make The News

P.T. Barnum, he of circus fame, once said, "Without promotion something terrible happens ... nothing!" A master promoter, Barnum would sweep into town with a flourish. He'd parade the elephants through the streets and send clowns to visit children in local hospitals. He'd offer tours of the Big Top and hold contest after contest to attract crowds. The people loved it, and so did the media, which showed up in droves. Barnum was a master at publicity. You can be, too.
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