Think Like a Brand, Act Like a Business!

How to Make Your Company More Important than Anything It Sells!

Your brand is your image. It's the customer's perceived identity of your product. Your brand could be your product, special services, even your company. Your brand is the mental picture that flashes in customer's minds every time they see or hear your brand name.

Tiffany... The Gap... Nordstrom... Florsheim. Who makes their merchandise? Who cares! Does the average customer go to Starbucks for just the coffee? Nope. It's more than that because the customers do not base their preferences on just what these stores sell; they base them on how those stores make them feel.

The trick is to think like a brand, but act like a business!

Back in the early days, brands were just products and highly recognizable companies aggressively marketed to build their brand awareness for their product. That's how "Kleenex" became the generic word for "facial tissue." Today, tighter advertising and marketing budgets, plus more competition than ever before have caused companies to think differently about ways to make their company name a "brand name." Smart businesses sell lifestyles as their brand, marketing through personality, one-on-one marketing and special events.

Here are just a few of the Brand-Building topics we'll cover:

No text book theories here, just branding success stories from real businesses. You'll leave armed with branding strategies and tactics you can use increase your own brand awareness.

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