Selling Smarter, Selling More

Today's savvy customers want more than just a place to "buy stuff" -- they can do that anywhere. Today they want to be entertained and visually stimulated, they want to work with professional associates who know their stuff. And they want to buy form companies that make their buying decisions easier. You want that too. This Business Adventureoffers up ideas and advice you can take to the bank. You'll learn how to use no-pressure sales techniques to gain additional sales, and you'll learn how to get past "No thanks I'm just looking" with techniques to effectively uncover what your customers want. Here are some of the exciting topics we'll explore:

Greeting Your Customers

Learn to use openers and techniques to get past, "No, thanks. I'm just looking." You'll learn ways to break barriers and improve customer relationships. Getting past the small talk is the first step to increasing sales.

Discovering What Your Customers Want

Learn to use different kinds of Probing Techniques to uncover what customers want. You'll learn questioning probes to uncover needs that lead to solutions -- solutions that lead to increased sales.

How to Successfully Demonstrate the Product

Learn how to increase every customer sale through the art of Demonstrating Product, Suggestive Selling, Add-on Sales, and Trading Up. You'll also learn how to utilize Feature, Advantage and benefit Selling to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Getting To The Close

Learn Closing Techniques to Close More Sales and win customers, plus how to successfully gain repeat business

Building and Nurturing Relationships

Bring customers back again and again through the use of Sweat Equity. Learn how to create and use a Personal Trademark, plus the importance of "Doing One More Thing" for every customer. Loyal customers mean more sales for your business!