Neutralizing Your Competition

It’s a competitive world out there! A retail chain does something cool for their customers and the other big boxes follow suite. The leading independent introduces a new service and the store across town adds it too. Pretty soon every store is doing the same things to build traffic, yet customers fail to take notice. That’s because the things that were once considered “out there” have been deemed ordinary by today’s customers. With so many stores doing the same things the question is this: What are you doing in your own store that makes it special? What are you willing to do for your customers that no other store can knock off? Are you willing to forget the latest self-help book from the latest guru and rely on the uniqueness of your store and your people? “Neutralizing Your Competition” is chock-full of strategies and tactics, tips and techniques to set you far above your competition.

You’ll leave this presentation armed with the tools and the know-how to keep loyal customers close and attracting new ones. You’ll learn:

How to use “Story Selling” to get the word out about your store, plus how to write your own Store’s Story

How to re-invent and refresh your customer care, your policies, and your people

How to create your customer experiences that are unique only to your store

How to collect and use Customer Testimonials to your advantage, plus how to encourage customer’s to tell their friends about your store

The latest in Loyalty Marketing, No-Fail Customer Data Collection, Frequent Shopper Clubs, and Internet Marketing

This presentation just might be the inspiration – or the kick in the pants – you need to regain your passion, or refocus your vision. Whatever the reason, you won’t want to miss this important seminar!