Are Your Promotions Causing Comotions?

Have you longed to host traffic-building, door-spinning promotional events? Do you want to be the next one to hold an event envied by retailers all across the country? Would you like to have at least one no-cost, low-cost in-store event penciled in for each and every month on your promotional planning calendar?

Then this is the sales-building seminar you’ve been waiting for!

For over 14 years Rich Kizer & Georganne Bender have collected and personally tested no coat, low cost retail events and promotions. Here they share the secrets to running successful in-store promotional events, plus all the pre and post planning essentials you’ll need to go along with them. Created expressly for retailers, this seminar is loaded with retailer-tested, tried and true “Non-stop Traffic-Building, Profit-Producing, Attention-Grabbing, Sales-Generating, Competition-Miffing, Customer-Winning Retail Promotions you just can’t afford to miss!™”

Do Your Homework! Matching the Promotion to the Customer: Your promotion can have dismal results if you don’t know your customers. We’ll share strategies to give your customers what they want, when they want it, the way that they want it.

Holiday and Seasonal Events & Promotions: You’ll learn strong promotional ideas for holiday times -- and not just for the month of December!

Year-Round Traffic-Building Events & Promotions: Holiday’s aren’t the only timeyou can create store excitement. We’ll share loads of traffic-building promotions you can run successfully any day of the year – and for EVERY kind of customer!

How to Get Celebrities to Come to Your Store: Plus what to do once they arethere. Learn the fine art of celebrity crowd control!

How to Run a Contest: Customer’s love contests!
We’ll share some of our favorite contests, plus how to benefit from them.

Creating Partnership Promotions: You’ll learn powerful, cross-promotions designed to build store traffic and increase sales. We’ll share great win-win techniques to get other businesses anxious to promote your store, often at no cost ofdistribution to you.

Community Involvement Programs: We bet you hear from charities on a daily basis, all with requests for donations. Instead of dreading those calls, you’ll welcome them with ideas that turn those requests into big business for your store. It’s a win-win situation for both of you.

Creating Repeat Business: How much “customer” do you get from each of your “customers”? Learn promotions, events and programs to build and strengthencustomer relationships.

How to Build a Master Plan: Planning an in-store event is as important as planning a wedding or any other big time event. We’ll show you how to dot the I’s and crossthe T’s to make yours a raving success.

How to Get the Biggest Bang for Your Advertising Buck: If your event is to be a success, you have to promote it! You’ll learn how to make your choice of advertising medias work harder! We’ll share the inside secrets the medias would prefer you did not know, plus effective techniques to maximize your advertising dollars and stretch the effectiveness of every ad that you run. Whether it’s in print, radio, television, or other medias, these are proven techniques that work!

How to Promote Your Store Like a Pro: 80% of the stories that appear locally level are from a one page press release – that’s a 37 cent ad! We’ll show you how to write press releases that get noticed.

“Are Your Promotions Causing Commotions?” is a FUN, ENTERTAINING, and MOTIVATING experience! You’ll leave armed with EXCITING EVENT IDEAS and SOLID PROMOTIONAL PLANNING SKILLS that will bring a whole new intensity to your store.