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Jingle Bells... Christmas Sells: Events, Promotions and Tips for the Holiday Season!

The Golden Quarter – the Holiday selling season – usually accounts for 36 percent of a retailer’s annual sales; it also represents the highest level of profitability. It’s also a highly stressful time because there is so much to do. 

“Jingle Bells... Christmas Sells!” will guide you through everything you need to do to get in the Holiday selling game. The e-book covers:
  • Visual Merchandising for Christmas
  • Security Awareness
  • Managing Christmas and Your Staff
  • Gift Cards and Etailing
  • Delighting Your Customers
  • In-store Events & Promotions
  • Letters to connect with vendors
  • A Guide to Writing Press Releases
  • Plus, Easy-to-Customize In-Store Event and Ad Templates galore!
POSTER Packs are also available.

  • $24.95