For us, there is nothing better than a happy customer. And we have lots of them! Here are just a few that let us know how much we meant to them.

We really enjoyed your wonderful, lively presentation. The surveys reflected a very positive response as we expected and hoped for. I believe you gave our group plenty to think about, and you matched right to our 50th Anniversary theme. Thanks again.

- AAA/CAA Eastern Conference

What can I say? You did it again! It amazes me that since 1992 you still surprise and 'wow' our retailers with your innovative programs. Your upbeat presentations capture the audience's attention and keep it throughout the entire session. From intimate workshops to keynotes with thousands, you are able to tailor your programs to our needs. I eagerly look forward to your next presentation. I know we'll all come away energized, refreshed and highly entertained!

- Ace Hardware Corporation

"Rich and Georganne's impact on the organization went well beyond the development and execution of strategies which proved successful. They provided the necessary leadership to staff and created a positive, collaborative atmosphere among all departments."

- Andrej Suskavcevic, CAE, President & Chief Executive Officer, Craft and Hobby Association (CHA)

They are ALWAYS a pair I'm willing to get up early to hear!

- B. Sanford, Launching Success

We've never had speakers at our National Shows that have had such impact on our franchisees. They're still talking about your presentations six months later and are constantly implementing your success strategies in their own stores.

- Ben Franklin Retail Stores

We have benefited from your presentations on six occasions and I can assure you we won't stop now!

- Business Executives Leadership Conference

I can't wait to get home and see our store for the first time! And to start re-merchandising!

- C. Clark, School Zone

You two are the best! Heard you last year & couldn't wait to see you this year. You always energize me.

- C. Reed, The Thinking Cap

As you could tell from the audience's enthusiasm, you gave a dynamic presentation filled with solid, useful information they could immediately take back to their own businesses. I also appreciate your willingness to research our industry prior to your program so you could present examples that were timely and relevant to the audience's needs and concerns.

- Epic Enterprises