For us, there is nothing better than a happy customer. And we have lots of them! Here are just a few that let us know how much we meant to them.

KIZER & BENDER's Retail Adventures Blog was recently named the number one retail blog in the United States by PR Newswire Media!


The best that NSSEA has ever had!

- S. Antes, School Crossing

Georganne & Rich are full of wonderful ideas. Great information and entertaining.

- S. Hiorns, Launching Success Learning Store

Thanks! We'll go back with new eyes.

- S. Mutz, The Thinking Cap

Tremendous! Always very helpful!

- S. Nicholl, Play and Learn

I am impressed with the meaningful and thought provoking information you pulled together in "Generations Apart" and "21st Century Service!". We're lucky to have professionals such as yourselves to use as resources as we grow SEARS. I look forward to working with you again in the near future. With your expertise and energy, I'm sure our associates will be motivated with a crystal clear focus, and an insatiable desire to take outrageous care of our customers.


Wow! On behalf of our dealers and the Sexton Group, we extend our deepest thanks for the excellent presentation you gave at our Las Vegas show. We have heard many compliments on your presentations; rest assured you will be featured speakers at our next national conference. Thanks again for the outstanding job!

- Sexton Group Limited

Your presentation was energizing, funny, great, and a very appropriate message. Thank you so very much.

- Tascor/IBM