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We Love Southwest Airlines: Try it, the Culture is Good.

We prefer Southwest Airlines, even though they fly out of an airport that is farther away and harder to get to. We don't mind because their people don't treat us like we're an inconvenience. They actually seem glad to see us.
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You Can't Afford to be Lukewarm

Recently, a waitress scowled at Rich when he told her the coffee burned his mouth. She said, "Listen honey, nobody wants lukewarm coffee." Know what? She's right. Lukewarm doesn't cut it anywhere. Now, before you read anymore of this column we want you to get up and pour yourself a nice glass of lukewarm water. Take a sip. You're probably agreeing with our waitress right about now: lukewarm is bland.
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You Had Us At "Hello"

Customer service has been a hot topic in our consumer focus groups recently, so we decided to do an experiment of our own. We spent three hours at Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, Illinois, on a busy Saturday afternoon in February. Our plan was to purchase something in every store where we were greeted or acknowledged by a store associate. To be fair to our wallets, we didn't count the shops that had a greeter stationed at the front door.
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