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Is Your Store Zoomer Friendly

We were walking through the Paris Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas when we stopped to watch a group of 50-something women try and navigate their way down the cobblestone streets. They weren't intoxicated, they were merely trying their best not to catch a heel and lose their balance on the uneven flooring. We've seen this happen on more than one occasion, and apparently so has the hotel, because posted at each entrance is a classy brass sign warning guests about the possible hazards of the uneven walkways.
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The Cost of One Lost Customer

Georganne has been cruising furniture stores lately looking for a new couch, love seat, and over-stuffed chair for her family room. It's time. Two teenagers and their scores of friends have made this replacement necessary. The problem is that Georganne knows exactly what she wants, but she hasn't been able to find it. So when a friend recommended an independently owned furniture store not too far from her house, George checked it out.
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The Cost of ONE Lost Customer

Only one in ten customers will take the time or make an effort to complain. If you attempt to resolve a customer complaint, over 80% will give you another chance!
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The Glamorous Life

People who don't travel for a living think business travel is so glamorous. You get to see the world, eat at the finest restaurants, and stay at Five Star hotels! Actually, we see more of the world's airports and convention centers, eat at fast food restaurants, and stay at hotels where folks are sometimes less-than-thrilled to see us.
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Thinking Outside the Big Box

We were giving a presentation at a marketing conference and the topic was "Neutralizing Your Competition." We were just getting into a discussion on Shoppertainment, sharing a story about a retailer who held a fancy catered dinner in her store, along with a trunk show, demonstrations, and pedicures, when we noticed that one man's eyes had glazed over.
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